Flowers present an interesting challenge – while they are easy to shoot, it is difficult to capture unique
images. Many of these are from my garden, where I have shot thousands of photos over the years.
Daylillies present new and different opportunities each day and I never tire of capturing their images.



Peach Daylily

Pink Daylily

Maroon Daylilies

Peach Daylilies

Red Daylily

Purple Daylilies

Peach Daylily #2

Jack In The Pulpit

Pink Columbine

Emerging Yellow Iris #1

Maroon Daylily

Orange Daylilies

Three Yellow Daylilies


Pink Daylilly

Emerging Poppy

Two Yellow Day Lillies

Emerging Iris #2

Stony Daffodils

Orange Poppy